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Android Finger print Sensor

Last updated: May 27th, 2019


We need to have one jar(cfpservicelib.jar) and one shared object(

Download Jar file


Step One

Declare dependency and compile the jar file like this

compile code example:

Step Two

Create a directory called jnilibs and a folder called x86_64 inside it. Copy in x86_64 folder.

Step Three

In the working Activity’s onCreate an instance of FingerPrintService like this:

We need to initialize the service.

The definitions for use is as follows:

We set the storage parameters.

Register the Service callbacks:

These methods will be called as result of sensor activity

We initialize the Sensor:

In the Enrolling process , the sensor associates the physical fingerprint with an identity in the system. During matching , if a fingerprint has been enrolled previously and associated with an identity, the identity is returned.

Then we initialize the Matcher which will help in matching the fingerprint with enrolled identities:

Enroll Task can be done in Async Task as well. This task associates a physical fingerprint with an identity.

Match Task :

Dump the Identities for the Service: